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Thematic Investing

We take a thematic approach to investing. We focus on designing and executing innovative solutions to complex industry challenges. Our partnerships with business owners and managers seek to positively impact as many of the key stakeholders in a given industry vertical as possible – improving the quality of care or services, while enhancing efficiency.

A sampling of select themes are included below.


  • Preventative Care – Managing identified health problems to minimize co-morbid conditions and high system costs
  • Healthcare Consumerism – Engaging consumers in proactive health, financial management, and personalized care solutions
  • Advancing Behavioral Healthcare – Addressing the need for improved mental health services
  • Shifting the Delivery of Care – Moving care services to lower cost, high-quality clinical settings
  • Cost Containment – Reducing benefit costs, optimizing operations, and minimizing inefficiencies
  • Enhanced Access to Care – Extending access and convenience of care through new delivery models and technology
  • Value-Based Care – Supporting the shift to value via new models of care, analytics, and payment incentives

Business Services

  • Insurance Services – Assisting small employer groups and individuals to combat spiraling medical cost inflation through various tactics including self-insurance and risk mitigation tools
  • Specialized Outsourcing – Optimizing results by utilizing outsourced specialized service providers
  • Technology Enablement – Supporting the adoption of software to strengthen customer relationships and improve operational efficiency
  • Risk Management Navigation – Alleviating the complexity and costs of governance, risk, and compliance issues
  • Big Data Proliferation – Amplifying on-cloud database centralization and use of analytical tools to drive operational insights
  • Evolving Talent Management Needs – Improving employee productivity via employee engagement solutions and training tools